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Microphlebectomy With Marbella Veins

Small veins often become varicose because of persistant high pressure secondary to venous insufficency in the feeding main vein trunks. Sometimes small veins become varicose in isolation. In both these cases it is possible to remove residual small varicose veins using microsurgical phlebectomy. This technique involes ultrasound identification of the small varicose veins and surgical removal under local anaesthetic (general anaesthetic or sedation if necessary) through very small skin incisions.

Microphlebectomy is a suitable treatment for many patients who have small unsightly varicose veins below the knee. The operation can be performed in the surgeon's office, ambulatory day case centre or hospital and is usually perforemed as a walk in, walk out same day procedure. It is associated with mild post operative discomfort and occasional bruising whichnormally settles within a few days.

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