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Varicose Vein Treatment Options

Prior to embarking on treatment for your varicose veins it is important that the state of the veins in your legsis fully assessed. THis will include a full clinical examination and an advanced Doppler ultrasound assessment of your leg veins. At "Marbella Veins" we undertake expert Doppler ultrasound assessment on all our patients before recommending a course of treatment. This is especially important in patients with a previous history of deep or superfiscial vein thrombosis. If you have had this test performed elsewhere, it is useful to bring the results with you to your initial consultation.

These days there are several treatment options available for varicose veins. The most suitable option being dependant on the severity of the venous insufficiency. Our surgical team is bound by the clinical guidelines dictated by the General medical Council and will only offer major surgical treatment for clinically proven underlying disease. Cosmetic treatments for varicose veins are also available, however assessement of the underlying leg veins is recommended prior to all treatments.

With great advances in medical technology, all pre-conceived ideas of varicose vein treatment being severe and painful, with a lengthy recovery period and marked bruising are fading. At "Marbella Veins" we are proud to be the first group to offer the VNUS ClosureTM Radiofrequency technology on the Costa Del Sol. Using this and other modern techniques treatment is simple, easy and almost entirely pain-free with our walk-in, walk-out day case ambulatory modern treatment procedures.


Vein Treatment Options:

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