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Venous Stasis Ulcers - Marbella Veins

What are Venous Stasis Ulcers??

An ulcer occurs when the normal skin structure has been destroyed for some reason and the deep underlying tissues are exposed without skin cover. Venous stasis ulcers occur in the lower medial aspect of the leg between the knee and ankle. Varicose leg ulcers represent the end stages of the disease profile of patients with chronic untreated venous reflux and varicose veins. Varicose ulcers are a serious health problem and occur in as many as one in fifty adults. They are a major cause of loss of time from work and have a major impact on life quality. They can be the late effect of either chronic long term varicose veins or secondary to thrombosis / blood clots in the legs of the lower leg. It is estimated that the annual cost of caring for a leg ulcer is as much as £14,000 and the condition costs the NHS as much as £100 million per year.

The underlying cause of Venous Stasis Ulcers is long standing, untreated elevated venous pressure in the superfiscial veins of the lower legs. Valves in the perforating veins between the deep and superfiscial venous systems in the leg become incompetent and leak causing high pressure and abnormal circulation in the superficial veins in the skin. As time progresses, the high venous pressure causes fluid and effete blood cells to leak out of the capillaries beds beneath the skin which is followed by deposition of iron deposits in the subcutaneous tissues. This results in swelling, thickening and damage to the skin which eventually becomes thickened and inflamed and ultimately breaks down forming an open wound or ulcer.

Whilst ulcers can affect anyone with venous reflux disease, they are much more common in older people and are equally frequent in men and women. Venous stasis ulcers may be painful or painfree and without treatment they can grow progressively. If nothing is done, the ulcer can become so severe that they can encircle the whole lower leg causing severe disability for the patient and a complex management problem for the surgical team.

Althought the majority of leg ulcers are due to chroinc venous insufficiency disease, ulcers in the lower leg can have other causes. The other two major causes of lower leg ulcers are Peripheral Arterial Disease (or poor arterial circulation secondary to arterial narrowing) and peripheral nerve diseases.  Trauma to the leg can also result in long term wounds which do not heal. It is  therefore important that your surgical team excludes other causes of ulcers by using Doppler ultrasound scanning before treating your venous stasis ulcer.

The treatment of lower leg ulcers differs depends on the underlying cause. Our experienced specialist surgeons will establish an accurate diagnosis of your poblem and thereafter make recommendations for the best treatment option for your particular case.

We often find that long term chronic venous stasis ulcers are associated with localised incompetence of the perforating veins of Cockett and Dodd. Our team is able to offer a number of treatment options to deal with the incompetent perforator veins including the unique perforator closure treatment option utilising the VNUS ClosureTM Stylet which allows the Veins in Spain team to offer a minimally invasive option to  the traditional open invasive surgery normally utilised to treat these veins. This highly sophisticated equipment is the only endovenous ablation device specifically approved by the Americal FDA for the treatment of incompetent perforating veins, the most common underlying cause of Venous Stasis Ulcers. Our team ar the first to offer this treatment on the Costa del Sol.

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